40 Miles Alone in the Savage Gulf

| 1:43 | YouTube | Mini Episodes

Robby does a five-day solo hike in Tennessee’s South Cumberland State Park in the Savage Gulf Natural Area. (Reserverations are required for camping here.)

Stone Door Trailhead (Savage Gulf North) | 931-779-3532
2540 55th Ave N, McMinnville, TN 37339
35.4466,-85.6553 🌐

Trail map

  • I always wondered if I had it in me to do 15 miles in a day. The answer is, an emphatic sort of. β€” Robby
  • It smells like pad thai, but it tastes like oatmeal. β€” Robby
  • Beat briskly for two minutes… I don’t know if I have it in me to beat it for 2 minutes. β€” Robby
  • I can taste that campsite though, boy… I can taste it right in my mouth, where my taste buds are. β€” Robby