42: Zaleski Winter

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Zaleski State Forest | 740-596-5781
27331 OH-278, McArthur, OH 45651

Trail map and brochure

  • 0m13sIntro
  • 0m40sReunited
  • 1m40sDay One (33ΒΊF)
  • 28m31sDay Two (5 miles hiked, 36ΒΊF)
    • 29m24sDrink: flat white coffee; Navajo herbal tea (ch’il ahwééh)
      • Thank you: Shirley; Windsor
      • Editor’s note: hat tip to Marie
    • 30m14sThomas’ dreams
    • 31m27sBreakfast: freeze dried breakfast skillet on tortilla
      • Thanks to James Elder
    • 32m17sTearing down camp
    • 33m14sHeading out β€” route change
    • 35m38sOn the main path
    • 36m17s“These are beech trees. I talk about these in every winter episode …” β€” Andrew
    • 37m07sBack at the trail junction
    • 38m23sSnack break
      • “If you were to open your own restuarant, what would you call it?”
    • 39m50sIncline upwards
    • 45m43s
      Andrew: We got our crust, our cheese, and our pepperoni… This is basically a pizza.
      Robby: No, that’s basically a food crime, just like what I do.
      Andrew: Yeah, it is a food crime. But you know what, it works.
    • 46m25sRocky rubble
    • 47m14sValley
    • 48m55sI don’t want those spores in my nose β€” let’s go. β€” Robby
    • 48m58sSmoldering fire
    • 50m43sStream crossings and fallen trees
    • 52m41sIt’s not about undoing society and civilization, it’s about realizing the best parts about civilization by removing yourself from it. And also remembering what’s actually important. …Friendship is important. β€” Thomas
    • 53m02sTwo out of ten. β€” Bryan
    • 53m35sParking lot
    • 56m36sAndrew and Robby on Olds Hallow Trail
    • 57m38sPioneer Cemetery
    • 58m14sStairway to recessed cave
    • 58m54sRevisiting a trail
    • 1h00m31sCampsite
  • 1h12m05sDay Three (11.8 miles hiked, 36ΒΊF)
    • 1h13m26sDrink: more Native American tea
    • 1h14m11sHeading out
      • The same camp area from all those years ago.
  • 1h15m02sThe End
  • 1h17m05sCredits
  • 1h17m47sPost-hike takeout meal
  • 1h21m17sShoutouts
    • Tenet (Robby)
    • Star Wars (Bryan as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Marisa as Princess Leia)
    • Mortal Kombat (Andrew, Robby)
    • Fist-cut transition (“shoryuken”)
  • 1h25m47sPerfect Ending
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