39: Hiking Alone Together

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“The Simulhike”

Robby visits:
Bloodroot Trail
[pin πŸ“ /] [geo url=‘https://www.in.gov/dnr/parklake/2952.htm’ tel=‘260-468-2125’ adr=‘9214 W. Lost Bridge West, Andrews, IN 46702’ lat=‘40.820278’ lon=’-85.597862’ trail=‘usa:indiana:bloodroot’ trail=‘usa:indiana:bloodroot’]Bloodroot Trail at Salamonie Lake[/geo]

Andrew and Thomas visit:
REI River Trail
[pin πŸ“ /] [geo url=‘https://www.metroparks.net/parks-and-trails/scioto-grove/’ adr=‘5172 Jackson Pike, Grove City, OH 43123’ tel=‘614-539-3339’ lat=‘39.855482’ lon=’-83.027934’ trail=‘usa:ohio:rei-river-trail’]REI River Trail at Scioto Grove Metro Park[/geo]

Bryan returns to:
Vesuvius Lakeshore Trail
[pin πŸ“ /] [geo url=‘https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/wayne/recreation/camping-cabins/recarea/?recid=6235&actid=34’ adr=‘Wayne National Forest, Lake Shore Trail, Pedro, OH 45659’ tel=‘740-534-6500’ lat=‘38.609944’ lon=’-82.634083’ trail=‘usa:ohio:vesuvius’]Vesuvius Lakeshore Trail[/geo]

  • 1m14s Day One (R: 61ΒΊF, B: 67ΒΊF, A&T: 63ΒΊF)
  • 2m45s A&T: Poison hemlock; aster flowers; goldenrod and dogbane; red clover flowers
  • 3m00s A&T: [upload aa39-map-overlay-at.jpg]Map overlay[/upload]
  • 3m28s B: [upload aa39-map-overlay-b.jpg]Map overlay[/upload]
  • 5m20s R: [upload aa39-map-overlay-r.jpg]Map overlay[/upload]
  • 6m22s R: You know the food choices are going to be very, very spartan. β€” Robby
  • 6m34s A&T: “This [REI River] trail is designed to get people who have never backpacked before into backpacking.”
  • 6m58s A&T: Dame’s rockets
  • 7m45s A&T: [v 37 31m01s 9]Back in Hawaii[/v]
  • 8m29s A&T: Sycamore tree [pin 🌱 /]
  • 8m58s A&T: Paw paw tree [pin 🌱 /]
  • [v slug=‘paw-paw-festival’]Obviously[/v] one of my favorite trees. β€” Andrew
  • 9m43s B: Bryan by the lake
  • 10m57s B: Lunch: sandwich
  • 11m29s R: Snack: cookies from Guam; cheese and tortilla
  • Cookies from viewer Christian
  • Does it have all the food groups? β€” Robby
  • 15m06s A&T: Hackberry tree [pin 🌱 /]
  • 16m01s A&T: Cottonwood tree
  • Blue jay on a branch
  • 19m29s B: The prophecy has come to pass, and it is raining. β€” Bryan
  • 21m03s B: Northern cricket frogs
  • 23m19s R: It was, indeed, corn. β€” Andrew
  • 25m01s R: Robby at [yt oPFh942BhuY]Glacial Lake[/yt] with Alex and [p Darrell /]
  • 27m27s A&T: Inky cap mushroom
  • 33m32s R: Campsite 4
  • I’m not putting the rain fly on, because I’m going for the gamble. β€” Robby
  • 36m03s A&T: Snack: wild raspberries
  • 36m40s A&T: Campsite 2
  • 39m02s R: Dinner: Robby’s “food crime”
  • hot & spicy spam, mild cheddar & Monterey Jack cheese, tortilla
  • 39m07s I’m sure it’s going to taste good, but good in the kind of more absolute sense. β€” Robby
  • 40m01s No, this is a great idea. This is the best idea. Not one of the best β€” this is the best idea. β€” Robby
  • 40m46s Not bad. It took a second for the flavor Stockholm syndrome to kick in, but, once it did, I was sitting pretty. β€” Robby
  • Thanks again to Christian
  • 41m01s B: Dinner: Bryan’s flank steak with green peppers
  • 42m15s It tastes good, and, obviously, my standards are a bit lower right now. β€” Bryan [speaking of steak]
  • 42m38s A&T: Campfire with birch bark
  • 43m55s A&T: Dinner: Andrew and Thomas’ deconstructed steak shish kabobs with roasted vegetables
  • 45m21s Were those park provided skewers? β€” Bryan (in chat)
  • 47m53s Robby’s [yt xt6N7H_adY8]solo trip[/yt]
  • 49m47s I’m telling you man, like that’s all it is: you just need warmth, food, drinks, family and friends. You don’t need like, a marble statue, you just need marbled beef. β€” Andrew
  • 50m17s Day Two (R: 7.5 mi; B: 3.3 mi; A&T: 1.2 mi; 62ΒΊF for all)
  • 52m08s Ghost pipe
  • 54m33s Autumn olive and moonseed ☠️
  • 56m06s Mulberry fruit
  • 57m09s Chicken of the woods
  • 1h01m44s Wild garlic
  • 1h02m10s The End
  • 1h03m49s Post-hike meal stream on Patreon
  • Shoutouts: [yt VKhpE-oNoGY]Metal Gear Solid V[/yt], [yt D9OPb4vu-tQ]Star Trek[/yt], [yt wxL8bVJhXCM]Rogue One[/yt], [yt xlAwSNbAY8E]Mortal Kombat[/yt]
  • 1h12m21s I’ll kick a coyote; we’ll be fine β€” Andrew
  • See also: [v 11]the first trip to Wayne National Forest[/v]