32: Shawnee State Forest

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[pin 📍 /] [geo lat=‘38.74139’ lon=’-83.19731’ adr=‘Forest Service Rd 16, West Portsmouth, OH 45663-8906’ tel=‘740-858-6685’ url=‘https://ohiodnr.gov/wps/portal/gov/odnr/go-and-do/plan-a-visit/find-a-property/shawnee-state-forest’ trail=‘usa:ohio:shawnee’]Shawnee Forest Backpack Trail[/geo]

Trail map

[Designated campsites]

  • 0m00s Intro (Henry David Thoreau)
  • 0m33s Theme song
  • 1m01s After intro
  • 1m46s Day One (50ºF)
  • 2m05s Map overlay
  • Giant hog weed
  • Tulip poplar
  • Poop
  • 19m23s Campsite (#1)
  • Flint and steel fire starter
  • Dinner: canned cream of mushroom soup; popcorn
  • Day Two
  • Morning
  • Yelling?
  • Breakfast: stale nuts; cheese sandwich
  • Ash tree (and emerald ash borer)
  • (Fancy) Snack: cheddar and sopressata salami; huckleberry hibiscus cream soda; San Pellegrino sparkling blood orange
  • More poop
  • Witch’s broom
  • Magnifying glass fire starter
  • Snack: grilled cheese sandwich
  • Sweetgum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua) [a.
  • ka homeowner’s bane] [pin 🌱 /]
  • Elm tree
  • Hickory seed and holly
  • Camp Oyo
  • Ferro rod fire starter
  • Dinner: pepperoni pizza; ants on a log; pizza toast; baked potato
  • 1h8m Day Three
  • Black-footed polypore
  • Black walnut tree
  • 1h13m39s Credits
  • 1h16m24s Patron Shoutouts: [yt SiMHTK15Pik title=“It’s over 9000!"]Dragon Ball Z[/yt]; [yt FEdbR0jnfvQ “Guile’s Theme”]Street Fighter II[/yt]; Game of Thrones; [yt _BaMx_n2_hM title=‘Michael Bolton’]Office Space[/yt]
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  • 1h20m16s This is the type of bad decision that you’ll make when you’re really hungry, but it’s also a really good decision. — Robby
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