32: Shawnee State Forest

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Shawnee State Forest has developed into the largest of Ohio’s state forests with over 60,000 acres. Nearly 8,000 acres of the forest have been designated as wilderness. There are 60 miles of backpacking trails.

🗺 Trail map: 1 and 2

[Designated campsites]

  • Trailhead
  • Day One
    • 2m6sMap overlay
    • Giant hog weed
    • Tulip poplar
    • Poop
    • 19m23sCampsite (#1)
    • Flint and steel fire starter
    • Dinner: canned cream of mushroom soup; popcorn
  • Day Two
    • Morning
    • Yelling?
    • Breakfast: stale nuts; cheese sandwich
    • Ash tree (and emerald ash borer)
    • (Fancy) Snack: cheddar and sopressata salami; huckleberry hibiscus cream soda; San Pellegrino sparkling blood orange
    • More poop
    • Witch’s broom
    • Magnifying glass fire starter
    • Snack: grilled cheese sandwich
    • Sweetgum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua) [a. ka homeowner’s bane]
    • Elm tree
    • Hickory seed and holly
    • Camp Oyo
    • 56m28s: Campsite (#3)
    • Ferro rod fire starter
    • Dinner: pepperoni pizza; ants on a log; pizza toast; baked potato
  • 1h8mDay Three
  • 1h13m39sCredits
  • 1h16m24sPatron Shoutouts: Dragon Ball Z; Street Fighter II; Game of Thrones; Office Space
    • 1h20m16sThis is the type of bad decision that you’ll make when you’re really hungry, but it’s also a really good decision. — Robby
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