1: Dolly Sods

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Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Virginia.

πŸ—Ί Trail map

  • 1m04sTarp and trail route
  • Bear Rocks Trailhead @ 39.0640,-79.3040 🌐
  • 3m11sDay One (73ΒΊF)
    • 5m45sChecking the map
    • 6m03sSnack: anchovies
    • 6m38sNighttime time-lapse
      • πŸ’¬ “The main camera overheated … a point-and-shoot camera had to be used instead.” β€” Andrew
  • 7m18sDay Two (1.2 miles hiked, 73ΒΊF)
    • 8m05sBreakfast: Blueberries
    • 9m15sHiking through the forest
    • 11m09sNatural toilet paper: moss
    • 12m35sTree climbing
    • 13m55sHiking in the hot sun
      • 13m55sGrowing up in the midwest, most of the natural scenery consists of small wooded areas in the midst of suburbia. As kids, all the fantastic landscapes we saw in video games and movies created a longing inside of all of us for places just like this. Even without some epic quest to go on, the feeling is still the same. β€” Robby
    • 15m10sWatering hole
    • 17m45sResting in the rain
      • 18m17sSometimes it seems like we’ve given ourselves so many more troubles in the quest to make things more convenient. β€” Andrew
    • 18m55sThrough the highlands
    • 22m50sHunter-gatherers, free time, and convenience
    • 23m35sCampsite with fire ring
    • 23m50sAdulthood
    • 25m12sFirst feather stick and lighter for fire starter
      • 26m29sIt’s only when you let go of the need to be clean and comfortable, does your body relax and enjoy your surroundings and your connection to the Earth. β€” Robby
    • 26m38sDinner: hiker’s pizza; rice with pork wool (肉鬆)
    • 28m53sBleeping chime
    • 29m56sCarving tent stakes after sunset
  • 31m10sDay Three (4.5 miles hiked, 72ΒΊF)
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