and Other Notable Locations

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50: Big Bend

49: Northeast Road Trip - Part 2

48: Northeast Road Trip - Part 1

47: Twin Valley Trail

20 Miles Alone in the Rockies

46: Manituo Island

45: Guadalupe Mountains

44: Mt. Le Conte

40 Miles Alone in the Savage Gulf

A Solo Hike at Indiana Dunes

43: Mohican

Solo Winter Tent Camping in the Snow

42: Zaleski Winter

Solo Backpacking the Hardest Hike in Ohio

41: Big South Fork

40: Dolly Sods with a Dog

Identifying over 65 Plants and Mushrooms on the Pinckney Trail

Solo Hiking on the Ice Age Trail

Solo Hiking in the Texas Heat

26 Miles Alone in West Virginia

39: Hiking Alone Together

A Night Alone in the Woods

38: Land Between the Lakes

37: Kauai, Hawaii

Exploring Sapporo Japan

What it's like on the northernmost tip of Japan

Riding the Underwater Bullet Train to Hokkaido Japan

Climbing to the Highest Hot Spring in Japan

Hiking The Sawtooth Mountain in Japan

36: Pictured Rocks

35: The Adirondacks

34: Minister Creek

33: Grayson Highlands

32: Shawnee State Forest

31: Red River Gorge

30: Nordhouse Dunes

40 Miles Alone on the Timberline Trail

29: Wildcat Hollow

Hiking Mount Katahdin

28: Manistee River Trail

27: The Deep South β€” Road Trip Pt. III

26: Southwest β€” Road Trip Pt. II

25: California β€” Road Trip Pt. I

24: Seneca Creek

Point Reyes

23: Hoosier Winter

22: Pictured Rocks

Total Solar Eclipse Camping

Highbanks Metro Park

21: Mt. Whitney

Overnight Trip on the Kern River

20: Germany

19: New River Gorge

18: Daniel Boone

Overnight Camping at Red Rock Canyon

17: Kumotori

16: Monongahela

15: Algonquin

14: Allegheny

Find Your Park Expedition

13: Yellowstone

12: Shenandoah

11: Wayne National Forest

Sequoia National Park and Beverly Hills

10: Yosemite

9: Red River Gorge

8: Great Smoky Mountains

7: Dolly Sods Winter

6: Mammoth Cave

5.2: North Manitou Island

5.1: Sleeping Bear Dunes

4: Hoosier

3: Zaleski

2: Morgan-Monroe

1: Dolly Sods