Food on the Trail

43: Mohican State Forest

42: Zaleski Winter

41: Big South Fork

  • 13m15sDinner: Turkey and munster cheese sandwich; dehydrated spaghetti; microwaveable mac-and-cheese; ramen with puff balls
  • 23m01sBreakfast: Citrus Chia Morning; hot water
  • 32m43sLunch: buffalo jerky; sandwiches; nuts

40: Dolly Sods with a Dog

  • Dinner: freeze-dried meal (“three sisters”); albacore tuna [and second tuna]; cheese; Top Ramen (shrimp); pad thai
  • Breakfast: “…broth”; scrambled eggs with bacon
  • Snack: shiitake mushrooms
  • Dinner: tempura udon noodles
  • Snack: fruit leathers

39: Hiking Alone Together

  • 10m57sLunch: sandwich
  • 11m29sSnack: cookies from Guam; cheese and tortilla
  • 36m03sSnack: wild raspberries
  • 39m02sDinner: Robby’s “food crime”
  • 41m01sDinner: Bryan’s flank steak with green peppers
  • 43m55sDinner: Andrew and Thomas’ deconstructed steak shish kabobs with roasted vegetables

38: Land Between the Lakes

  • Snack: sandwich
  • Dinner: Nicole's beef stew
  • Dessert: Rice Krispies treats
  • Breakfast: making ash cakes (and oatmeal)
  • Snack: deer jerky
  • Snack: treats from Mellisa Poole
  • Dinner: freeze-dried meals

37: Kauai, Hawaii

36: Pictured Rocks

34: Minister Creek

  • Dinner: Stew
  • Breakfast: vietnamese coffee; freeze-dried cheese and birthday cake
  • Snack: river-chilled jelly drink; [more]

33: Grayson Highlands

  • Snack: chocolate-covered peanuts; freeze-dried grapes
  • Dinner: prosciutto; freeze-dried meals
  • Breakfast: coffee
  • Dinner: budae-jjigae (army stew)
  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs

32: Shawnee State Forest

  • Dinner: canned cream of mushroom soup; popcorn
  • Breakfast: stale nuts; cheese sandwich
  • (Fancy) Snack: cheddar and sopressata salami; huckleberry hibiscus cream soda; San Pellegrino sparkling blood orange
  • Snack: grilled cheese sandwich
  • Dinner: pepperoni pizza; ants on a log; pizza toast; baked potato

31: Red River Gorge

  • Snack: pretzels and sparkling water

29: Wildcat Hollow

  • Snack: carmel apples
  • Snack: nuts
  • Snack: paw paw fruit
  • Snack: chicken of the woods

27: The Deep South β€” Road Trip Pt. III

  • Lunch: breakfast tacos
  • 49m00sSnack: boiled peanuts
  • 54m43sSnack: Pontchartrain pecans (pie and praline)

23: Hoosier Winter

22: Pictured Rocks

  • Dinner: Robby's toasted sandwich, Bryan's mini pumpkin pies, and Andrew's steamed buns
  • Snack: sandwich
  • Dinner: instant udon noodles
  • Breakfast: oatmeal and coffee

19: New River Gorge

  • 18m05sDinner: Nicole's hobo dinners (tinfoil)
  • Breakfast: stuffed potatoes (spud-plug) with sausage, eggs, and cheese
  • Snack: Frontier Bites
  • Dinner: Nicole's hobo dinners (tinfoil)
  • Snack: pink-flavored smoothie
  • Dinner: morel; seafood ramen noodles
  • Breakfast: eggs and toast

18: Daniel Boone

  • 08m23sDinner: salsa (diy), cheese, and tortillas
  • 39m50sDinner: spit roasted kabobs; cup noodles
  • 47m33sBreakfast: oatmeal square; coffee

17: Kumotori

  • 08m00sSnack: onigiri
  • Snack: rice balls, sandwiches
  • Snack: rice balls
  • Dinner: instant Raman noodles (cup noodles); instant beef curry; canned fish

16: Monongahela

  • 37m18sDinner: apples and cinnamon; REI Thanksgiving
  • 46m10s* Breakfast: coconut pancakes; eggs; mushrooms (hen of the woods); soup

14: Allegheny

  • Breakfast: toast (and fruit, later on)
  • Breakfast: bacon, eggs, and fried avocado on toast

13: Yellowstone

  • 31m09sBreakfast: bars and bread

10: Yosemite

  • Dinner: pasta; milkweed pods; mashed potatoes
  • Dinner: Alpine Aire meal; [pot]

9: Red River Gorge

  • 24m50sLunch: stake, potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms
  • 27m50sSnack: berries and leaves (aka berrito)
  • 38m19sDinner: ZΓ²ngzi (粽子)

6: Mammoth Cave

  • 33m28sDinner: sauerkraut and kimchi
  • 37m33sBreakfast: bacon and eggs

4: Hoosier

  • 23m48sDinner: White bagel and anchovies; corn bread
  • Breakfast: more anchovy sandwiches

3: Zaleski

  • 24m47Snack: cheese and chives
  • Dinner: Raman with veggies; yam; spam-on-a-stick

2: Morgan-Monroe

  • 4m23sSnack: nuts; cheddar cheese; sauerkraut
  • 8m23sBreakfast: pine needle tea
  • 27m40sDinner: rice (with curry); vegetable beef soup; sardines; hot apple cider

1: Dolly Sods

103 trail food stops found.

Editor’s note: Check out Trail Grazing and Trail Fuel by Heather Legler of The First 40 Miles podcast.