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48: Northeast Road Trip - Part 1

42: Zaleski Winter

  • 27m28sIt’s going to take camaraderie and cooperation to get through the difficult times and to enjoy the little moments in between.
  • 1h02m29sI get to chop and kick wood; that’s like my two favorite things in life.

41: Big South Fork

  • 33m15sCouldn’t ask for much more… Nor would I. Can’t tempt the fates like that.

40: Dolly Sods with a Dog

  • 12m31sYou know what this is though? This is the definition of the word freedom.
  • 17m10sThese are the moments where you have to remind yourself to be in the present moment and just take it all in.
  • 22m57sThomas says he found a spot up ahead; I’m sure it is going to be more than 25% better than whatever we saw.
  • 23m08sIf anybody is gonna scrounge for a campsite at night it might as well be us, right?

39: Hiking Alone Together

  • 8m58sObviously one of my favorite trees.
  • 23m19sIt was, indeed, corn.
  • 49m47sI’m telling you man, like that’s all it is: you just need warmth, food, drinks, family and friends. You don’t need like, a marble statue, you just need marbled beef.
  • 1h12m21sI’ll kick a coyote; we’ll be fine

37: Kauai, Hawaii

  • 42m21sIt’s funny how exhausting doing nothing can be, and how much energy actually moving can give you.

23: Hoosier Winter

10: Yosemite

  • It seems like it’s always Thomas waking us up at the butt crack of morning on camping trips.

2: Morgan-Monroe

1: Dolly Sods

  • 18m17sSometimes it seems like we’ve given ourselves so many more troubles in the quest to make things more convenient.



42: Zaleski Winter

39: Hiking Alone Together

  • 19m29sThe prophecy has come to pass, and it is raining.
  • 42m15sIt tastes good, and, obviously, my standards are a bit lower right now. [speaking of steak]

8: Great Smoky Mountains

  • 00m10sWhy did I agree to do this?


37: Kauai, Hawaii

  • 57m01sI’m sorry Andrew! But also I’m not sorry.


38: Land Between the Lakes

  • 2m44sAfter being cooped up for three months in the house I’m excited to be outside.



40 Miles Alone in the Savage Gulf

  • 1h39m25sHaving a change of clothes is not bad!

43: Mohican

  • 1h4m20sI find that it serves as an aperitif to more subtle textures and flavors such as… blackened sausage!

42: Zaleski Winter

  • 21m59sThis lid coming off is the most Adventure Archives thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
  • 48m55sI don’t want those spores in my nose — let’s go.

41: Big South Fork

  • 29m01sThis is maximally lubed.

39: Hiking Alone Together

  • 6m22sYou know the food choices are going to be very, very spartan.
  • 11m29sDoes it have all the food groups?
  • 33m32sI’m not putting the rain fly on, because I’m going for the gamble.
  • 39m07sI’m sure it’s going to taste good, but good in the kind of more absolute sense.
  • 40m01sNo, this is a great idea. This is the best idea. Not one of the best — this is the best idea.
  • 40m46sNot bad. It took a second for the flavor Stockholm syndrome to kick in, but, once it did, I was sitting pretty.

37: Kauai, Hawaii

  • 39m42sWhat evening would be complete without ice cream?
  • 56m16sYo, that rain is coming! That rain is coming right now! I’m getting in the tent; Good luck to everybody else.
  • 57m50sWho hasn’t had a good universe talk at night?

32: Shawnee State Forest

  • 1h20m16sThis is the type of bad decision that you’ll make when you’re really hungry, but it’s also a really good decision.

27: The Deep South — Road Trip Pt. III

  • 25m47sI think we have concluded that we have the greatest viewers and fans in the world!
  • 26m13sDon’t let the exterior fool you — this is a **** hotel.
  • 39m48sThe key to a happy life is to take advantage of all of your opportunities even if they’re not exactly the way you want them.
  • 55m35sYou wake up and an alligator’s next to you and you’re spooning it.

10: Yosemite

  • 17m47sKnowing your strengths and knowing your weaknesses, that’s the surest sign of a mature person.

1: Dolly Sods

  • 13m55sGrowing up in the midwest, most of the natural scenery consists of small wooded areas in the midst of suburbia. As kids, all the fantastic landscapes we saw in video games and movies created a longing inside of all of us for places just like this. Even without some epic quest to go on, the feeling is still the same.
  • 26m29sIt’s only when you let go of the need to be clean and comfortable, does your body relax and enjoy your surroundings and your connection to the Earth.



48: Northeast Road Trip - Part 1

  • 1h33m45sBecause there’s… bugs!
  • 1h45m34sWhose crazy idea was it to hike a mountain this early?

42: Zaleski Winter

  • 25m49sHo ho ho cakes
  • 52m41sIt’s not about undoing society and civilization, it’s about realizing the best parts about civilization by removing yourself from it. And also remembering what’s actually important. …Friendship is important.

31: Red River Gorge

  • 7m05sThe key to any good trail mix is pretzels

Hiking Mount Katahdin

  • 4m59sI was really hoping Andrew, Robby, and Bryan could join me, but they didn’t wake up in time.

21: Mt. Whitney

  • 18m50sRemove oxygen absorber — you don’t need to do that.

Tim V the Texan Camper

27: The Deep South — Road Trip Pt. III

  • 25m35sBy the way, water boils faster at higher altitudes.



42: Zaleski Winter

  • 45m43s
    Andrew: We got our crust, our cheese, and our pepperoni… This is basically a pizza.
    Robby: No, that’s basically a food crime, just like what I do.
    Andrew: Yeah, it is a food crime. But you know what, it works.
  • 1h00m38s
    Andrew: The lowest lows and the highest highs.
    Robby: That’s the subtitle for Adventure Archives.

6: Mammoth Cave



27: The Deep South — Road Trip Pt. III

  • 33m24sIt’s important to learn history, not just to understand the past, but to reflect on what we as a society are doing today and how that will affect the future. Unless we examine the past, and think critically about what needs to be changed today and how we can change it, history is rendered useless.

Total Solar Eclipse Camping

16: Monongahela

  • Through loss and pain, growth occurs. There’s no reason to give up hope.

4: Hoosier

  • The bacon of fish.